No, Nick Arrojo Isn’t Gay

Posted on 18 March 2007

I get a lot of people who end up on this website after searching for information on Nick Arrojo. One of the search terms I see a lot is Is Nick Arrojo Gay?

Nick Arrojo’s own site mentions “True achievement will come when he can spend more time with his new wife, Lina, and fewer hours in the salon, confident that clients’ needs are being met by a battery of stylists as skilled as he.”

Can’t promise that he isn’t gay, but can confirm that he’s married.

  • Wow. You are rapidly becoming Nick’s biggest fan.

  • NevDull

    Well, if he were gay, he’d probably have better hair, wouldn’t he?

  • Justin Harden

    Do you mind if I answer a question? This is not an offensive question; I’m wondering, “Are you gay?” because I’m seeing different sides to it ,and I am mixed up.

  • NevDull

    Me? No.

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  • Absurdist

    It should be noted that the article on the website was two years old when this post was originally made and hasn’t been updated since (as it doesn’t reflect that he’s no longer with TLC or that he has a development deal with NBC). Take that for what it’s worth, related to this question.

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