AppleTV Hard Drive Upgrade Service

Posted on 27 March 2007

ArsTechnica has an article on upgrading your AppleTV’s hard drive. While the self-upgrade steps are only linked to (Engadget has a howto), I found it funny that there’s already a 3rd party service center who’ll do the upgrade for you… and they claim that it doesn’t void the warranty from Apple, that only the replacement HD isn’t covered.

I’ve been considering getting an AppleTV, a Mac Mini, and a high-def flat panel TV. One of the AppleTV’s main uses, as far as I consider it, would be if I could rip DVDs to a hard drive, and keep my collection tucked away. That, plus playing with MacOS X, would be the reason for the Mini…

Of course, the question then becomes: augment the Mini’s storage with an external drive, augment the AppleTV with a larger HD, or both?

I’m quite looking forward to the time when I have my movie collection all ripped and on magnetic media for an on-demand experience. Maybe soon…

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