Interesting International Long Distance for Mobile Phones

Posted on 28 March 2007

Gorilla Mobile seems to have come up with an interesting way to deal with making international calls from your mobile phone. Personally, I don’t — I have a home phone (VoIP), and a work cell phone that I never see the bill for — but someone like Amy who has a sister in Europe… If you pay for Sprint’s $4/mo International Dialing Plan, the calls to a UK cell phone are 31 cents per minute. With Gorilla, you dial an access number in the US and since the access number sees that you’re calling from the cell phone you registered with, there isn’t a PIN to deal with… and then your calls are 25 cents a minute…

Percentage-wise, it’s an even bigger benefit for people who call the Dominican Republic, which I’m sure is pretty common here in New York. Sprint’s $4/mo plan allows you to pay 18c/25c per minute to a Dominican land-line/mobile phone. Gorilla’s rates are 9c/15c…

Seems like the way to drop your phone bill dramatically without dealing with switching carriers for your regular service.
I’d bet that you could even put pauses in the speed-dial for the numbers on your cell phone to have the whole thing completely transparent to you to use.

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