Yahoo! Mail Removes Quota

Posted on 28 March 2007

Well, Yahoo! Mail has gone and removed users’ e-mail quotas.

As the Yodel Anecdotal post mentions, when Yahoo! Mail was launched, they had a total of 200GB of space for all users of Y!Mail.

One might say that Google really changed the game with their launch of GMail with a 1GB quota (which is ever-expanding over time — kind of like the transfer and disk quotas on Dreamhost web hosting accounts).

I haven’t come close to quota on any of my free webmail accounts in years… I came close with Yahoo! Mail back when it was 4 MB, but I never used it as my daily account. Ever since I started having e-mail go to a personal domain, I couldn’t really imagine switching back… in some ways it requires more maintenance, so it’s somewhat harder, but I have the ultimate in control — I’m not hostage to the whims of a company that may discontinue the product or start charging me all of a sudden.

Plenty of free e-mail services have shut down or imposed a fee, some of them with what seemed at the time to be large companies that would never be forced to charge or shut down. AltaVista Mail went the way of the dodo in 2002. in 2001. This Email RIP site also mentions some real dick moves like December 2001’s AT&T “kills” 1 million+ addresses by switching users from to domains – without forwarding mails addressed to!

Of course, it would be negligent of me to miss mentioning Rediff’s unlimited quota mail, though I can’t imagine forcing myself through a pop-up hell of Bollywood crap to check to see if I got a password reminder e-mail for something.

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