Add Your Own Rose Color

Posted on 24 August 2010

The more I listen to music lately, the more I realize that trying to stay away from the topic of romantic love and longing just puts an unnecessary filter on creativity.  If this time in my life is about finding a way to embrace the whole of me, I can’t just put my heart on pause — I need to grow into it.

With that in mind, on the walk from the subway to work this morning, I looked at each woman I passed as though I were in love with her, looking for what about her would be stamped on my mind as her essence when we said goodbye at the end of an evening.

Imperfections become beautiful when colored by love, more beautiful than perfection, because the appreciation is personal.  Nobody else sees her quite like I do, no matter who she is.

What a pleasant way to brighten up a chilly morning…

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