Song-in-progress: Doubling Down

Posted on 08 November 2010

Like an actor playing me who didn’t get the part,
I wasn’t living my own life, not with all my heart.
Stopped getting wiser with my years, just started gettin’ old,
Tryin’ to figure what went wrong, I found I’d lost my soul.

It won’t be easy, not at all, but things just couldn’t stay,
I’d die a lonely death inside, it has to be this way.
Moving on I know I do so all by myself,
but there’s a need I have I just can’t put back on the shelf.

I’m doublin’ down.
I’ll take my chances, raise the stakes, givin’ up’s what I can’t take.
I don’t have a master plan, just gonna do the best I can.
Get my body workin’ right, hangin’ out with friends at night.

I need a love I can’t deny, no matter how hard I try,
where we’re seein’ eye-to-eye, naked souls nowhere to hide.

This was my first recent attempt at writing lyrics, as of July 25th.  I’ve continued to edit, but I wonder with later revisions if it began to lose something.  I’m sharing it now as my starting point, and hopefully it will evolve into a full and robust song.

I’ve just begun reading a book on writing song lyrics,  Popular Lyric Writing: 10 Steps to Effective Storytelling and I’m already convinced that it’s both confirming what I thought I’d noticed while listening intently to songs, and teaching techniques which will help me bring out what I know that I’ve got inside, to share.

Comments and civil criticisms welcome.

Copyright 2010 Anthony Dante Ortenzi

  • Adam

    I’m digging so far. Keen to see/hear the finished product.


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