Putting Music to the Words

Posted on 20 December 2010

It’s been 6 months since I began writing a song, and I put things on hold while I tried to find the sound in my head that went with the words with which I’d begun.

I put off trying to refine the lyrics because I felt like I needed to strengthen my ability to hear the music that would carry them.

On Friday night, I had a Linkin Park concert playing on TV, and I sat down to try to figure out the piano bit in In The End, and while it’s a simple pattern, I was happy to find that I could find the keys by ear, and was able to play it in a moment or two.  I don’t expect anyone to be impressed by that, but it was an indication to me that I was starting to make some progress matching what was in my ear with what was in my head, and ultimately with the piano keys.

It may not seem like much, but I also found that after I’d gotten the finger movements down for the bit of Brick I shared earlier, that mental practice (I was the guy on the subway “playing” his thigh) improved what came out the next time that I actually sat down at the keyboard.

I’m enjoying the feeling of learning music like a child, getting comfortable at the keyboard, and experimenting in a number of ways.

I’m not going to try recording myself singing yet, but here’s the verse

Like an actor playing me who didn’t get the part,
I wasn’t living my own life, not with all my heart.
Stopped getting wiser with my years, just started gettin’ old,
Tryin’ to figure what went wrong, I found I’d lost my soul.

And here, my friends, is how I’m hearing the music for it now… have a listen…

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